Shopify & SEO: Full Guide to Ranking Your Shopify Site

Shopify & SEO: Full Guide to  Ranking Your Shopify Site

SEO has several purposes. However, the fundamental purpose of SEO is positioning you as the solution to a searcher’s need. What does that mean?

Google processes 40,000 searches every second. People are always searching for answers, a product, or a solution. They will only find you if your page is optimized enough.

Search engine optimization is especially necessary to boost sales on e-commerce sites like Shopify. Research shows that Shopify has grown remarkably since 2020 and has over 2 million online stores. Whoop! That’s a lot of competition.

Despite the competition on Shopify, there is a way to stay ahead. This guide aims to show how to maximize the SEO possibilities on Shopify.

What Features Does Shopify Have to Support SEO?

Shopify and SEO are pretty intertwined. This platform is highly SEO-friendly, and it boasts a wide array of features to prove this.

All these features are integrated into the platform, making it easy for beginners to leverage SEO. As a beginner, maximize these features:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Meta tags and metadata usage
  • Adding canonical tags
  • SSL certification
  • Auto-generated robot txt file for instructing web spiders
  • 301 redirects
  • XML site maps and automatic sutemaps
  • Well structured data

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How to Run a Shopify SEO Website Audit

How to Run a Shopify SEO Website Audit

Picture this: your Shopify online store isn’t as famous as you planned. You sell only top-rated products, and your target audience seems to keep opting for your competitors. And for a weird reason, they can’t locate your store.

There might be a little problem with your placement. By placement, we mean your Shopify SEO strategy.

It’s time for a site audit!

A site audit is like shining light into a dark room, hoping to find goodies. In this case, the dark room would be your website, and the goodies would obviously be a soaring website rank.

But with several technicalities to SEO audit, how do you go about it?

This guide will explain how to conduct a thorough site audit to improve your online store’s ranking. Learn what’s limiting your search engine visibility!

What is a Shopify Site Audit?

Pretty much like getting checked by a doctor when you feel sick—a site audit explores your SEO to discover loopholes. First off, SEO keeps evolving. Sometimes, the principles that worked for you a few months back may need a minor update.

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